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After more than 30 years of work, I still have an inexhaustible passion for graphic forms, lines, communication. It seems to be going on all the time somewhere in the back of my mind.

A strong first memory of my fascination with lines, graphics, colors, form is when I "borrowed" my older brother's Spirograph gears. It was like... magic! Later, with the study years in London, a deep interest in typography was also awakened – an endless, wonderful world. And even later again, after many years in the profession, it suddenly fell into place – "word earrings". Or "name earrings". "Statement earrings". Messages. Say it with your ears, haha. You name it. MFY was starting to take shape... this was 2021.

Many more ideas have gradually popped up which have so far developed into more earrings, different types of accessories and things for the home.

Everything is designed and assembled by hand in Sweden. Even the boxes, in which some of MFY's products are presented, are cut and assembled by hand. The materials are carefully selected; they must be recycled and degradable, as much as possible. The main material used is PLA, polyactic acid; a degradable plastic made from renewable resources consisting of plant parts, for example corn starch. Each item is individually manufactured using fusion technology (3D-printing).

A very warm welcome to you!  /  Christina Merckhoff

Österlånggatan 29
111 31 Stockholm

hello [at]

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