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Merckhofffully Yours (MFY.SE) uses cookies. Cookies contain information that we use to improve the website and to provide our visitors with the best possible service and experience. There are different types of cookies:

1. Permanent cookies save a file on your computer to be able to customize the website according to your choices and remember that you have visited us before and can therefore, for example, pre-fill your e-mail and postal code. These cookies are stored on your device for a certain period of time or until you choose to delete them.

2. Session cookies are used when you visit the website and disappear when you close your browser. They are needed to be able to offer our basic services, which do not work without these cookies. MFY.SE also uses cookies from third parties, for example Google analytics. The data collected by these cookies, including any personal data, is used for interest-based advertising and analysis. Respective third parties are responsible for the collection and processing of personal data from such cookies. MFY.SE does not have access to the collected data.

Cookies are saved on your computer or mobile and can only be read by the website they come from. You can choose not to do this in your browser, but then the website will not work optimally. It is important to us that you feel safe. We protect your personal integrity and always strive to treat your personal data with the utmost respect. If you still believe that we are processing your personal data incorrectly, please contact us. You also have the option of submitting a complaint to the Swedish Data Protection Authority, which is the authority that oversees the processing of personal data.

MFY.SE reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time, to the extent that they are necessary to remedy disturbances or meet new legal and technical requirements. Any changes to this privacy policy will be posted on the website. For further information about our personal data handling, please email us at hello [at]

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