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Ikigai. The word is difficult to translate without losing nuance, but is usually described as "reason for being" or "what makes life worth living".

"Ikigai is a heavier factor than food and exercise", says 90-year-old professor Makoto Suzuki, who for over 50 years has explored the secret behind the healthy 100-year-olds on the island of Okinawa off Japan. And then maybe Ikigai have different colors depending on who you are... just you choose <3.

Or another color? No problem! First select "custom color" and then the color you want in the separate color list further down. You can double check that your own color choice has been correct when you get to the checkout/shopping cart.

Earrings [IKIGAI]

Choose colour
  • H: approx. 30 mm, excluding stud/pin.

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