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MFY likes mats / coasters – they protect the mat and at the same time lift the entire table setting. Function and form in one! The series "PLACES" is about places where the heart beats a little extra, balm for the soul.

BYXELKROK, in Åkerbo's district ("härad" in Swedish). Sold either per piece, in pairs or four pieces, in lots of different colours.

ÖLAND and its districts ("härader" in Swedish)* – Runsten, Slättbo, Åkerbo, Algutsrum, Gräsgård and Möckleby – seven different designs.

*) A ”härad” is an old term for county / district which is a small population and land area, whose main purpose seems originally to have been of a legal nature, namely the maintenance of public order and security. SOURCE: Wikipedia


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  • H x W: approx. 80x85 mm, thickness approx. 4 mm.

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